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Interpreting is the oral transfer of spoken contributions from one language to another.

With more than 1,500 interpreting jobs, mainly in the region of Ulm/ Neu-Ulm, along the Danube, Bavaria, Lake Constance, Stuttgart, Munich, but also all over Germany and Europe, from Tallinn in the North to Lisbon in the South, from London in the West to Moscow in the East, I was able to gather long-term experience as regards accompanying international events such as sales conferences, supervisory board meetings, specialist talks, European work councils, negotiations, political meetings, and many more.

My work languages are German and English, which means I interpret and translate from German into English and from English into German.
Should you require other languages, I’m pleased to assist you in organizing a team of conference interpreters for your event. As a senior member of the VKD, the German Association of Conference Interpreters as well as a long-term member of BDÜ, the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators, I can offer you a vast network of professionally trained interpreters and translators.

I have the academic degree of a “Diplom-Dolmetscherin”, which means that I studied Applied Linguistics and Translation Science at a university and graduated there.

The terms of “interpreter” and “translator” are not protected so unfortunately virtually everybody can call themselves an “interpreter” or a “translator”; but with a degree from university and also with the membership of the VKD and BDÜ with their strict acceptance criteria, quality can be ensured.

Professional interpreting requires a high degree of specialization and therefore professional interpreters normally only work with two work language, that means they interpret from and into the respective languages. In rare cases it can also be three languages.
If somebody claims to perfectly master four or even more languages, this person is either a genius – and from my experience I can say that these are really rare – or the profound knowledge of the according languages – which is key to excellent conference interpreting – is missing. This, however, is indispensable because otherwise a true reproduction of the content in another language is not possible and the sense, purpose and tonality might be changed.

Depending on the type of event, different variants of conference interpreting make sense:

Simultaneous interpreting

The direct transfer of the spoken word into a foreign language, with minimum delay. The duration of your event will not be extended by this variant. You either need a sound-proof interpretation booth with according interpreting console or a portable sound transmission system as well as receivers and headphones for your audience.
Please contact me for more information.

Consecutive interpreting

Delayed transfer of longer sections into another language. The interpreter takes notes of what is said and reproduces the speech in the other language in sections of about 3-5 minutes.

There is no need for an interpretation booth or console, because for this interpreting method the interpreter usually is on stage with the speaker and uses the same microphone. But please keep in mind that this type of interpreting will roughly double the duration of your event and your audience might consider it to be disruptive!

Whispered interpreting/ chuchotage

With this kind of interpreting, the interpreter sits directly next to the (one) person that requires interpreting and whispers simultaneously into this person’s ear.
This variant is often used for negotiations in a small group. It is only possible to interpret for one or maybe two persons since the interpreter cannot speak loudly!
There is no need for particular interpreting equipment.

Online interpreting and/or remote interpreting

This type of interpreting is becoming more and more important. The interpreters either work at the customer’s company or event location via a computer connection or from an interpreting hub, or in exceptional cases maybe also from home.
Should you have any questions regarding this relatively new type of interpreting, please contact me.

Court interpreting

As a publicly sworn-in graduated interpreter, I am allowed to work for courts and notary offices in all kinds of proceedings for penal, civil and labor law as well as acts of notarization of marriage contracts, living will certificates, land charge register entries etc.


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