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Intercultural Training


Intercultural or cross-cultural seminars have proven to be very beneficial in many international companies and institutions because they reduce the tension in the cooperation of different cultures and they create better understanding for the other side.
It is important to also consider the own behavior from the outside. How about the so-called “unconscious bias“? And what actually is a “culture”?

I have been a member of SIETAR Deutschland e.V., the German branch of the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research for many years, which deals with the different aspects of intercultural communication and latest research findings.

Here a selection of different seminar modules that we offer. All seminars can be held either in English or German, or in a mixed group. We can of course also cater the seminars to your particular requirements:

Creating cultural Awareness

Introduction to the world of intercultural communication with many light bulb moments and insights – above all about yourself!

Bicultural seminars

Highlighting of two particular cultures and their differences, and in a corporate context: Detailed analysis of the prevailing problems and misunderstandings in corporate cooperation, e.g. in the case of mergers and (foreign) acquisitions, setting up of a plan for the further course of action, always considering the cultural dimension most important for the two players.

Presentation of the most important cultural dimensions in the monocultural, bicultural or multicultural frame

Explanation of some of the most important scientific insights for cross-cultural communication and application of theoretical know-how with the help of case studies.

Preparation of expats for their stay in Germany

This is not just about the famous “Dos and Dont’s“, but primarily about explaining, why certain types of behavior are considered to be “normal” (whatever “normal” means) or as being “not common here.

Cross-cultural competence in language training

What should teachers in multinational groups keep in mind to make their teaching more effective? This seminar provides you with helpful advice and explanations regarding the behavior of different groups or cultures.


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