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Welcome to nertinger.com, your competent partner for conference interpreting, translations, intercultural training and language training.

Being on the market for more than ten years now, we offer thorough, customized solutions for every language problem.



Conference Interpreting

WIf you have ever experienced a conference or a business meeting with professional conference interpreters, you do not want to have it any other way any more.
Information with all its little nuances and subtleties is transferred into the other language, every participant can express themselves in their mother tongue without having to make any compromisses as their skills in the foreign language do not allow them to say things the way they actually intended to.

Misunderstandings, which sometimes can be rather expensive, are avoided.
Some business people consider interpreting a loss of time, however, studies have shown that conferences which are simultaneously interpreted, are more efficient and lead to a greater satisfaction of all participants.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us concerning everything that has to do with conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering), equipment for conference interpreting (booth or a mobile system) and any other aspects.


Have you ever felt the negative consequences of the famous, badly translated handbook or manual?
So please don’t expose your customers to this!

The same holds true for your professional company presentation in a foreign language – the translation of company brochures and catalogues should really be done by professional translators that guarantee a constantly high quality.

For more than ten years, we have been successfully translating mainly in the areas of contracts, machine specifications, quality assurance, formwork and scaffolding and telecommunication.


Language Training

Of course, nertinger.com also offers language training, for all levels, starting from beginners all the way up to conversation classes for advanced students. Both individual as well as group courses can be booked.

Here some examples for course modules – if required, we will be pleased to offer customized modules tailored to your needs:
Office communication (letter, e-mails, telephoning, etc.)
Presentations in English
Technical English (specifications, technical terminology, etc.)
Holiday English

Intercultural Training

US-Americans seem sometimes quite superficial!?
Chinese give you a “Yes“ for an answer, but this is not followed by action!?
Germans always need everything in writing!?
You have to do smalltalk with Arabs for hours or days until you can finally finalize the deal!?

Are these only your personal perceptions, are these stereotypes, or is there some truth in it?
Cross-cultural seminars help you to better understand differences in the behavior of different cultures, because there – maybe for the first time – you will get an explanation for different behavioral patterns.

Cross-cultural seminars have proved to be most rewarding in many international companies and institutions, as they reduce the potential for conflicts in further cooperation between different cultures and promote mutual understanding.

Here a selection of the different seminar modules on offer. All seminars can be held either in German or English and/or bilingually. Of course we can also offer customized solutions tailored to your particular needs:

Intercultural Training
Creating cultural Awareness
Introduction to the world of intercultural communication, with numerous flashes of inspiration – particularly about oneself.

Bi-cultural seminars
Concentration on two particular cultures and their differences, and in the framework of a corporate seminar: Detailled analysis of the problems and misunderstandings occurring in corporate cooperation, setting up of a plan for future procedure while integrating the cultural dimensions most important for both cultures.


Introduction to the most important cultural dimensions in mono-cultural, bi-cultural or multi-cultural seminars
Presentation of some of the most important scientific result in the field of Intercultural Communication and application of the theoretical knowledge in case studies.

Cross-cultural competence in foreign language teaching
What should trainers in multi-national groups keep in mind in order to make their classes more efficient? This seminar provides you with useful advice and explanations concerning the behavior of particular cultures.


We are happy to take the time to answer your questions as quickly as possible.




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